Madonna del Ghisallo Museum

There is a very famous church & museum in Ghisallo near to Como which is a Mecca that cyclists have to visit if they are in the area. However, there is one problem – it is at the top of a hill which has up to 14% gradients on the 12K that it takes from the edge of Lake Como!! Why do these famous places have to be at the top of hills or mountains?
As I was in the area I just had to make the visit to see details of some of my heroes from days gone by, some Italian & others from various countries in the world.
I have put some pictures of me outside the museum, the church, a statue to victory & failure and some interesting things inside the museum. Tomorrow the trip proper starts!






Three priceless bikes, one of Eddy Merckx’s race bikes, Gino Bartali’s race bike from 1938 Tour de France, and an ultra modern one off recently built by Colnago for Ferrari. Bartali’s bike is a good indication of what the riders from days gone by had to ride, and remember most of the mountain climbs were not covered in Tarmac – Tour riders have always been hard but in 1938 they were a different breed!!

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One Response to Madonna del Ghisallo Museum

  1. LadyVet says:

    Good to hear from you Rob and good luck for this trip – I’ll be reading with interest (and envy?). The bike looks rather super – take care of it!
    Love from Margaret

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